• The Double Peoria System will adjust each player’s handicap based on their score on each day
  • At each course, each day, 12 holes will be randomly selected in the presence of players, after all scorecards have been submitted
  • The player’s new h’cap for the day will be calculated as follows: Number of strokes over par on the 12 selected holes x 1.2
  • Player’s handicaps will be adjusted each day
  • Scoring will be on individual strokeplay with 3-over-par as the maximum score on any hole
  • Players with declared handicaps 0-5 will be allowed a maximum adjusted handicap of 7; likewise, 11 for handicaps 6-9, 14 for handicaps 10-12, 17 for handicaps 13-15, 20 for handicaps 16-18, and 26 for handicaps 19-24.  There is no limit to the downward adjustment of handicaps.
  • In case of ties at a particular course on a day, the player with the lower peoria handicap wins. Further ties will be broken by count back on last 9, 6, 3 holes (gross score).

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